Corporate Physiotherapy in the City of London

Work place assessments/ DSE assessment 

Physio LDN will visit your workplace to help you to identify what adaptations you can make in order to make your working environment more suitable. We will undertake careful analysis of the environment and any equipment relating to it and make recommendations about changes to workstations.

Many employees suffer from work related injuries or injuries which are exacerbated by their working environment. These can be prevented by a thorough assessment and some simple adjustments. 

We offer two types of assessment:



£175 plus VAT

This is designed as a risk assessment and ensures compliance with workplace health and safety regulations. It is suitable for users without significant pain or disability.

  • Work station risk assessment

  • Postural analysis and training

  • Task management advice

  • Individual report with suggested modifications

20-30 minutes 


Platinum Package 

£230 plus VAT

For those with ongoing or persistent pain, often recommended as part of general medical management to assist with overall treatment outcomes. A detailed clinical and occupational assessment will be conducted by a trained physiotherapist. 

  • Clinical history and work specific concerns

  • Detailed task analysis and work space assessment

  • Posture analysis within all tasks including management and retraining

  • Detailed report with all recommended modifications

  • Sourcing of suggested ergonomic equipment to best suit the client



Physio LDN can provide free on-site consultation services within your work place. 

Employer benefits:

  • Reduce sickness leave

  • Reduced health care costs to the company

  • Local physiotherapist close to work

  • Improve employee wellbeing benefits

  • Ease of use of private medical insurance

Employee Benefits: 

  • Discount off all other services not funded by private medical insurance

  • Physiotherapist on hand for all medical questions

  • Meet and greet your physio prior to committing to appointments


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