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Physiotherapy services in the City of London


Our Ethos

A modern approach to traditional methods. 

Physio LDN is an evidence-based physiotherapy practice in central London. We use manual therapy such as massage, osteopathic techniques and acupuncture to compliment strength and conditioning rehab.

We provide the highest quality physiotherpay services to the professional and sporting elite. We aim to meet the goals of every individual and motivate them on their road to injury recovery. 

Who We Are

Physio Ldn Rebecca

Rebecca Bossick, founder & physiotherapist

Physio LDN was established by Rebecca Bossick, a specialist sports physiotherapist who has worked with many professional and semi-professional sports people.

Rebecca has treated UFC fighters, Brazilian ju-jitsu and Muay Thai fighters, ultra-endurance athletes, cyclists, climbers and ice climbers, professional weightlifters and powerlifters as well as England rugby players.

Working as a physiotherapist in the City for over 6 years, Rebecca receives numerous referrals from top Harley Street Orthopaedic Consultants and from London Bridge Hospital and Fortius Clinic.

Rebecca provides corporate physiotherapy for large businesses and is a qualified work place assessor. 

Rebecca's specialist interests are in complex post- and pre-operative conditions, holistic management (including acupuncture for recovery and pain), and manual therapy such as sports massage and spinal manipulation. She is skilled in running analysis and also has a post-graduate qualification in injection therapy.

Rebecca has extensive skills in diagnosis and exercise rehab. In her spare time she works as a Consultant Cosmetic Acupuncturist and treats clients for their skin, digestive health, sleep and stress. 


Josh Bryant, physiotherapist

Josh graduated in Physiotherapy from St George’s University in 2014. He worked within the NHS as a physiotherapist and gained experience across all disciplines. Following this Josh specialised in sports injuries and acupuncture in the private sector. Josh decided he wanted to work for a more niche business and with elite clientele to further his knowledge and understanding within physiotherapy.

As well as being a Senior Physiotherapist at Physio LDN, Josh works as a personal trainer under Body Transformation London helping clients to reach their fitness and aesthetic goals. Josh is a fitness model in his spare time and has competed in body building. Josh enjoys providing Physiotherapy for motivated individuals with a passion to achieve their goals. 


Zoe Billington, Sports Massage Therapist

Zoe is a sports massage therapist who enjoys keeping patients injury free and able to play and compete in their sports. Zoe has excellent manual therapy skills and works with the patient and their physiotherapist to ensure all areas of tightness are released and no areas that may be prone to injury are missed.

Zoe has a degree in Sports Coaching and is currently doing a master’s degree in Physiotherapy. In her spare time Zoe is also undertaking a Level 3 personal training qualification and has a passion for netball


Kurt Johnson, Sports Massage Therapist

Kurt has been working as a sports massage therapist for 3 years, he is also training to be an osteopath. Prior to this Kurt was a professional fighter and personal trainer and in his spare time he works as a firefighter. This combination means he is well-versed in movement patterns and understands the strain that sports, work and everyday life puts on the body.

Kurt has competed in strongman, grappling and martial arts and has completed a marathon. While working as a personal trainer Kurt also completed NCFE level 2 certificate in Nutrition and is passionate about getting the best outcomes for his clients.

Kurt is friendly and personable and ensures that all sessions are tailored specifically to client’s needs.


What we stand for

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